SIDERmax® - How to Apply

  • Use SIDERmax once a day, preferably in the morning. For more success you may do it twice per day, but not more please ..
  • Spend eight to ten minutes of your time for each treatment, daily - like teeth brushing ...
  • Constant daily use is a key factor for success ...
  • SIDERmax is a natural application. Be patient, first results can possibly been felt not earlier than six to eight weeks.
  • Measurable results need to have about fifteen weeks of continuous application, sometimes even longer! 
  • Special gymnastic exercises can help the process for more success

Customers will find a detailed Application Guidance as part of the product. Below are some excerpts to follow. In addition added to the product, there is a User Report, a form that will help the user do document success when using SIDERmax.

Appliction areas
  • use the soft brush to lightly brush the marked skin areas from  bottom to top
  • a special soft brush will be supplied with the product
  • from the center outwards, from bottom to top
  • wipe a small amount of SIDERmax cream from the surface with the spatula
left side
  • rub in gently and thoroughly the SIDERmax cream on the marked skin surface from the bottom upward
  • movement of the fingertips are not circling but directed to the top
  • the cream should remain in a thin layer on the skin.
  • treat the left side of the body first, than the right side accordingly
  • massage the SIDERmax cream crescent just to the chest areas below the bosom

  • direction: from middle below the breasts to both outside areas

  • between and above the breasts downwards and than under the breasts outwards

SIDERmax becomes a part of your body care, in addition, only five to ten minutes, once or twice per day. Additionally some gymnastic exercises to improve posture, circulation and the chest muscles. The success comes slowly, but steadily - naturally!


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