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Here are some questions that are asked again and again and the matching responses. If you have further questions? Use the "Cont@ct" in order to reach us.

Can any women use SIDERmax successfully?

Both young and mature women - even after pregnancies - have been successful for better shape and size of their breasts. The degree of success is depending on the exact application as instructed, the application period and the individual constitution of the user.

How long do we have to apply SIDERmax to achieve sufficient enlargement of the breasts?

Experience has shown that already after 6 to 8 weeks applying a first success may be felt. The breasts are feeling tighter and the shape starts to change. Something is going on, but than it´s still not measurable. The application period is individually different. It is influenced by the physical constitution, diet and other factors (such as illness, stress, etc.) The application of SIDERmax should be carried on forward, until the desired size of the bosom - within your physiological limits - is reached.
natureline suggests to make SIDERmax to an integral part of your body care daily routine, like teeth brushing.

Does the success last after discontinuation of SIDERmax?

Yes. You may apply SIDERmax as long, as you want to enlarge your breasts. Basically your bosom remains that size, when stopping with SIDERmax. But with special diets and/or slimming diets, as well as intense athletic training or bodybuilding, it is however natural to feel decreasing symptoms such as the removal of fat tissue, which reduces your breast size.

Could one expect any negative side effects or allergic reactions when applying SIDERmax?

SIDERmax affects the body biologically. The cream is made of purely natural ingredients, with it’s positive known influences to skin and body. Particularly, sensitive people may feel a slight reaction to the contained natural fragrance substance, as a slight reddening of the skin may occur. SIDERmax can be supplied also without fragrance. Other side effects are not known. SIDERmax can be supplied also without fragrance. Other side effects are not to fear.

How does SIDERmax differ from other methods of enlarging breasts or enlargement surgery?

In a hormone treatment, the volume growth of breasts primarily occurs in an enlargement of the gland tissue and/or increased deposition of liquid. Injections of hormones such as estrogen or progesterone can also influence other parts of the body to grow. This causes heavy side effects. The body is severely burdened. After quitting hormones supply, the bosom is quickly back to the formation of the volume before. The hormones also influence your whole female system with known severe side affects.

After medical surgery with silicone or saline implants, the human body forms a capsule around this foreign contaminant. After some time it feels hard and unnatural. Not infrequently the implant must be removed, it can cause severe negative long-term effects. The costs are enormous.

Bell-shaped apparatus for breast enlargement by depression sounds like "elongate boy´s ear"! Will ears grow on this? Or do pilots grow when under depression? Rather not.

And drink vials filled with "wonder drugs"? The human stomach & intestinal tract with its harsh acid and 300 species of bacteria will fractionate the delivered material to serve human bodies cell's need. Will there be something very special only for the female breast? Unlikely!

May I use SIDERmax during or after pregnancy and while breast-feeding?

Yes! The product can be applied without any drawbacks. When breast-feeding we suggest to use SIDERmax without fragrance. Name your needs to natureline when ordering. Please remember, the SIDERmax cream will not be directly applied at the breast-feeding areas.

What active ingredients are used for the SIDERmax cream?

Mostly ingredients don’t mean much to normal users. The information on the product comply with the relevant statutory provisions (INCI, FDA) and help the user himself in the expressiveness only very limited. For more info refer to Ingredients .
There is no direct "active ingredient" of this kind, no "miracle" herbs or roots (chamomile, John herb, lavage, Ginseng, avocado, etc.). The direct "active ingredient thinking" also comes from the more traditional medicine: Example - Ibuprofen - alleviating pain! Even shares rose fitohormoni or hormones are not explicitly included (except diverse natural and always present in trace (but somehow not enriched) in a natural product - if they are not "killed by cooking" or chemically "pure-distilled") and certainly not other "Dry"additives.

Are late side effects of SIDERmax possible?

Excluding side effects even after years of usage is not possible, because this experience simply not exists. But we have about 20 years of experience with the product - so far late side effects are not known.
Our view is as follows: We use natural ingredients in the cream (not artificial, unnatural), and recommend natural processes (stimulate blood flow with a soft brush, gentle lymph drainage-like massages, gymnastic exercises). The application should not supernatural much and too often (more than two times a day - normal is once a day!). Then one can be fairly sure that the human body and its functions are being supported. It’s very likely there will be more positive than negative side effects (i.e. less severe ageing processes, conservation of firmness).

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