Money Back Guarantee?

No, we don't promise! Why not? Because we can not influence how SIDERmax is used in practice. And we can't monitor the application. SIDERmax success is influenced by various external conditions in the vicinity of the customer. We dont know anything about regular usage, applicants physical constitution, their health and nutritional status.

We don't want to use this kind of "bait". We can only supply statements about user's average  successes. A guarantee for the individual user, simply impossible. Others - our competitors - they also can not really ...

"Money Back Guarantee", just a cheap (and frivolous!) advertising tool!

Often "money back guarantee" is used as a particular advantage of a product. A very questionable practice. These "guarantee" itself, in "real life", seldom will happen. By the way: Mostly In manufacturer's terms, you will find only poor info on promised "money back guarantee".

How about the huge discounts?

  • Order today, you get it half the price!
  • If you buy more, then there are even additional discounts!
  • Buy now in this hour and you will get …

 Does this sound familiar? Really simple, seems to be, the more of this questionable attractants, the more dubious the product!

"If not satisfied - money back!"

Also nearly impossible in practice. How can the customer explain their dissatisfaction? How to check for the manufacturer, whether or not the promised effects actually occurred less than promised? Can they prove it, it is documented? Of course not!
The customer "calms down" and feels forced to order - "money back guarantee" makes it possible! Do they ever get their money back? Nonsense! And therefore we don't promise.

Regular normal and fair rights of the online customer

There are your normal "fundamental rights" as a customer who buys on the Internet. Also of course we grant these two really independent, fundamental rights - "money back ..." and "guarantee". Check for them in our legal info ...

Warranty and liability is included. And of course, "money back" if it is a legitimate demand of the customer.


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